Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Billy's Bag

After what felt like a long sewing and creativity drought, the new year so far seems to have brought along a whole new burst of energy! It is our godson's birthday this week, and I wanted to make something for him. He was very specific regarding Christmas, and requested toy cars. We found him a rather nice one, which reminded me of the cars the Spice Girls used to drive into the Olympic ceremony, and it had the union jack painted on the roof. Hopefully he's enjoying it, although I'm sure the Spice Girl link will have passed him by. For his birthday, I decided on a fabric bag, to keep all those cars in when he's out and about.

As soon as I checked my fabric container for inspiration, these charm squares leapt out at me. Just as well, as I don't tend to have much small boy fabric, and these were part of a set of Kona charm squares that I might have struggled to use otherwise. I thought about doing my own appliqué lettering, but remembered that Miss PR had these tucked away. Although they are self-adhesive, I also used fabric glue for added strength.

The cord and toggle were previously on a small nylon bag, which fell apart but was kept for design inspiration (minus the nylon!) For a small boy, it should work much better than the fabric ties I usually put on a drawstring bag.

I love how it looks when it's scrunched up closed, and am very relieved to be back into sewing mode!


  1. Fran, una bolsa muy bonita, con una fuerte carga de color, en tu línea. Estoy segura que los coches estarán bien guardaditos.
    Me alegro que empieces a coser y compartir.

  2. what a cute bag and such a great idea, I have a niece I could/should do something like this for

  3. What a lovely and cheerful bag! Great idea!