Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tweaking time

The red and grey squares from my last post remained on the sewing table for a whole week... The cats were not impressed as, for the first time, I put my foot down and closed the sewing room door! One cat usually spends the day on the small sofa in there, and the other likes that particular windowsill as a look out point. Not this week though, I couldn't face this lot ending up on the floor...

After the dilemma caused by Miss PatchyRose, I finally decided to keep with her design of alternating red and grey, rather than a random mix. I couldn't face undoing all her work, and also found that, with some creative swapping, there was exactly the right number of each colour. Every day I have popped into the sewing room, had a good long look at it, and tweaked the position of a few squares. Finally today I found the time to chain stitch the columns, and then join the rows.

All in all, I reckon it was about two and a half hours of sewing to make this...

... which is still only one quarter of the finished quilt! I thought it would be easier to make the quilt in four parts, and then sew them together. As it happened, one quarter fits perfectly laid out on the sewing table. Mostly the fabrics were small patterns and polka dots, with just a few fussy cut pieces:

I'm enjoying the mix of fabrics from different collections, as well as the odd cheeky chicken!

 Had a quick check of how it looks on the guest bed, and am very happy with the effect so far :-)


  1. Fran, el tiempo que has empelado merece la pena, porque el resultado es muy visual, me gusta mucho, hasta el pollo (que no me gustan) queda bien.
    Enhorabuena a Rosie y besos a ambas.

  2. The red and grey combo works so well, and I think you have a young lady that knows her own mind! hee hee. Sarah x

  3. Well it's taken a week or so to comment but as those who may well be a 'sleepers-under-that-quilt' in the future we too defer to the alternate mix of colour that Miss P-R used. Please tell her we like it a lot and she did a good job - and so did you getting the sewing done ... we await the next instalment ..Granny and Addy xx

  4. Looks lovely :) Poor old cats though :P