Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday sewing

After spending this week popping in and out of the guest room, and swapping a few squares around, I took the plunge today and whipped them up into the quilt top...

On the whole, I'm happy with the way it turned out. There will always be something you don't spot until it's all stitched up, but that's fine.

The great thing about using a layer cake in this way, is that one layer cake makes a perfect single bed size quilt. I have just kept back a few pieces for my next project, which is already underway as I can't wait ;-)

 Lastly, it was harvest festival today, so a little picture of today's tomato harvest. Despite it being such an awful year for home grown crops, we have had some of our best tomatoes ever. I picked some green ones to ripen on the windowsill, as the cold weather is beginning to spoil them. I did feel a bit sad that all the food donated at church (for the local homeless shelter) was in tins and packets. Not one giant marrow...

Wishing you a happy week!


  1. Que bonitos los tomates, este año ha sido mal año, el sol los socarró en España.
    Que lindo te ha quedado el top, todos los árboles están de pie... me gusta mucho.

  2. I am in awe of your beautiful creations! So pretty! Love the colours x

  3. It looks lovely, I bet you are pleased with the results, you certainly should be. Lovely fabrics. Bethx

  4. New follower here, I love your quilts!