Saturday, 29 September 2012

Walking in the woods...

Like most teachers, September has been all work and no play! However, after spending my day off yesterday marking essays and writing university references, I was determined to get some sewing time this morning to relax and unwind!
When I first saw Aneela Hooey's Walk in the Woods line of fabric, I thought it was adorable, but didn't plan to get any... When fabric has such a specific design, and particular images, I find it restricts my creativity and I feel too much pressure to make something amazing with it, to 'show off' the fabric. Kind of like the tail wagging the dog ;-)
An example of this is with the Sherbet Pips line of fabric. It's gorgeous! What's not to like? 

Except that all I could manage to do with it was this...

And that's pretty much where these pieces have stalled! I have about 20 pieces ready, but don't feel sufficiently inspired to get on and make them into a quilt top. There's just too much of the fabric design, and nothing of me in it.

However, when I was in a patchwork shop recently, I caved in, and bought a pack of 3 fat quarters of Walk in the Woods fastened together with a free cushion design. As random coincidences go, I did a big sort of the airing cupboard, and discovered Miss PatchyRose's very first cot pillow at the back, which turned out to be the exact dimensions of cushion pad needed for the pattern.

Normally I find I am lacking the gene necessary to follow any sort of pattern or recipe! However, I gave it my best shot with the cushion, and came up with this:

And with all my determination to follow the instructions, would you believe I found they didn't work! Grr. It was quite frustrating, the advice for cutting the back of the cushion is impossible to follow, in that you could never get the dimensions needed out of one fat quarter! However, with a bit of tweaking, and also finding their suggested overlap way too generous, I managed to do this...

Yes, the fabric changes direction, but fortunately Miss PR is still thrilled with it, and loves how it looks on her bed...

Best of all, the left over fabrics were enough to whip up another draw string bag! These are so quick and easy to do, and always look really cute. 

On other sewing news, I discovered a new online shop this week, Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I just had to look at it, because of the great name, and found some nice fabrics at very reasonable prices, which lead to this selection arriving in the post...

Hoping for more time to sew, as I have a few projects in mind... Have a great weekend!


  1. Cuando no encuentras la inspiración, creo que lo mejor es parar y sentarse a esperar que venga y mientras hacer otra cosa.
    A mi me gusta que esté cambiada la dirección de la tela, creo que resulta más atrayente. Y dile a tu preciosa niña que su cama está muy bonita y muy bien acompañada, me gustan sus ositos, supongo que por la noche le harán un sitio para que pueda dormir.
    Muy lindo el bolso.

  2. Such a lovely cushion :) I've just asked for a Vintage Modern charm pack for my birthday, looking forward to getting it

  3. That is a really interesting take on fabric designs and patterns. I had never thought of it like that before.

  4. Just popped over from Lily's Quilts.

  5. Visiting from Lily's Quilts -- love what you did with your Walk in the Woods bundle. SO fun!

  6. Don't you hate it when patterns are like that? I recently tried to make a cushion cover, and I followed the cutting directions even though they looked weird. I should have trusted my gut because they were completely wrong in multiple ways! Yikes!

    Your finished product looks cute though, especially snuggled with all of those teddy bears. I'm visiting from Lily's Quilts--It's nice to meet you! :)

  7. Hi there, just popped in from Lily's Quilts, I also joined the small blog meet, so its nice to meet you and see what you are busy with at the moment.

  8. I completely get what you mean about amazing fabrics- it all becomes a bit overwhelming, and you want to get it just right, so you don't get anything done. I feel that way about Summersville, and I have loads of it as I love it so much, but so far have only managed to use a little in a travel needlebook! love the cushion- looks really cute despite the trials of incorrect instructions.
    Just over from Lilys Quilts small blog meet- and looking forward to having a better look around your blog. Ange x

  9. I bought a charm pack of Vintage Modern on our recent US trip. I'll be interested to see what you make with it. I've used half on a quilt mixed with other fabric, but I'm stuck with the other half and not sure what to do with it! Just made another 2 bags from your ace tutorial. Susie x