Saturday, 8 September 2012

Starry wall...

This summer, other than a couple of very enjoyable, patchwork-related shopping trips, sewing has taken a back seat in favour of other events. 

A huge project has been completely re-doing our kitchen, ripping the whole lot out and starting again. It has absorbed all our physical and creative energies, but we're nearly there now, and it has been well worth it!

We have also been very focused on the Olympics, with a fantastic day last week at the Paralympics. In addition, late last night my phone went crazy with a flurry of texts, people messaging to say they had just seen Miss PatchyRose on the BBC 10 o'clock news!! Thanks to iplayer, we have been able to see it too... Miss PR had a fabulous school trip to the Paralympics yesterday. She was walking through the park, chatting away very animatedly to a couple of her close friends, and never even noticed that she was heading straight for a television camera ;-) It's very cute footage, and a lovely end to a brilliant summer!

The little bit of sewing that has happened, has been largely related to sorting school uniform out. However, I finally completed this star design wall hanging, using a combination of scraps and some beautiful linen. It wouldn't have been very durable as a quilt, but is perfect for the sewing room wall. I managed to add in a hanging sleeve before I finished the binding, and am happy with how that worked out.

It looks just right on the wall...

... above a multi-coloured 9 patch quilt. There is plenty of space left for a bookshelf in between, which Mr PR is working on.

I'm really happy to have that corner of the room looking nice!


  1. Enhorabuena a Rosita por haber salido en las noticias, seguro que se le ve muy guapa.
    Preciosos tus quilt, la combinación de colores es fantástica y queda genial en la pared y sobre el sofá.
    Disfruta del nuevo look de vuestra cocina y ya veremos el estante sobre el sofá.

  2. Love those floating stars :)