Thursday, 21 June 2012

Flea Market Star

In the end, it didn't take much to finish off the quilt top. Just had to persuade Mr PatchyRose to stand in a very windy garden and hold it for me ;-)

I'm so pleased, and more than a little relieved, at how it has turned out. I certainly found it harder than it looks, and parts were quite challenging!

When it came to cutting the four large white triangles, I was so anxious about it that I didn't properly check my supply of white fabric. I hadn't bought it especially for this project, so it is no fault of the pattern that I didn't have enough. It is a good quality proper patchworking fabric, and would have involved a trip to the next town to get some more. In the end, it worked out well. I had to be more creative, and design a way of doing the four corner squares other than in plain white. I'm very happy with the way they turned out, and love the patchwork corners.

When I had only finished the big central square, it seemed rather small, and I wondered if I should have gone for the larger size. However, on completion this is a perfect fit for our guest bed. Not sure if it will be quilted in time for the next guests though, I suspect that the quilting will prove an even bigger challenge...

Now for the details... The pattern was designed and made freely available by Sarah Fielke. The idea was then picked up by Chelsea, who turned it into a quiltalong. I followed it in blogland, but was late starting my own, and missed the party!! Chelsea produced the design in different sizes, I opted for the smaller 60 inch project, which has ended up being just right. 


  1. It's so beautiful Fran! Good on you for seeing it through. Love the extra piecing in the corners!

  2. The 'possibly next visitors' in your guest room will be very happy to have this beautiful cover on the bed whether it is quilted by then or not - well done. We hadn't worked out the design yesterday, so this was nice to see today G & A xxxxx

  3. It's beautiful. Such lovely work.

  4. Hi Fran, just catching up on blogs.
    This is fabulous (and you've solved a dilemma on a star top I've put aside for a while), love the colours and design - clever lady.
    Karen x

  5. Fran, es todo un detalle hacer una colcha tan bonita para la habitación de invitados, lo mismo se sienten tan felices que no se van...
    Te ha quedado preciosa, es de un tamaño enorme. Me gusta mucho como has resuelto la falta de tela, las esquinas han quedado geniales,enmarcan mucho más la gran estrella.
    Mucho ánimo con el acolchado.
    Enhorabuena y besos a Rosita.
    Ya he vuelto de vacaciones.

  6. This piece is wonderful and I particularly love the corners as I've not seen that done before. It must have been hard work but it has paid off as it is unusual - the colours harmonise so well together. xCathy

  7. I love the corners. It really makes the quilt your own. Well done!