Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Miss PatchyRose learns to sew

Miss PatchyRose was really fired up by our recent community day, and the enthusiasm of lots of young girls for learning patchwork. As a result, she considered the idea of her own sewing machine for her eighth birthday present. I am hugely grateful to the lady working at John Lewis who kindly pointed out that their cheaper machines would be a waste of money if I remotely knew what I was doing! It's not all shop assistants that have that integrity... She told me that it was too basic, and Miss PR would grow out of it in no time. Sure enough, only a few days' later, Miss PR came home from school one day, and sat down at my machine and worked it like a pro...

We have previously sewn small items together, but always with me doing a lot of helping (controlling... ;-) This time I just sat on my little sewing room sofa, with a cup of tea, and watched while my girl grew up! I can honestly say I found this more moving than any of the previous milestones like walking, talking (never stops) and sleeping through the night (took years so we were too exhausted to notice when it finally happened...)

All by herself, Miss PatchyRose created this little piece of patchwork:

Last night I turned it into a small bag for her, as she loves to read and wants to be able to carry a book around with her...

I'm so excited to be able to share my passion with my best friend!


  1. the bag looks great and it's very pink! i did a good job. love miss patchyrose x

  2. Enhorabuena a esa niña lista y aplicada, que ya ha sentido el gusanillo del patch. Seguro que hará cosas maravillosas.
    El bolso es perfecto.

  3. Hi Fran, what a super post, Miss PR is growing up fast! That is a lovely piece of work and well done you too for making it into a great bag. Smiles to you both :) :)
    Karen xx

  4. That is so cool! Well done both of you!!

  5. That's a beautiful piece of patchwork and Mummy has made a lovely bag from it - what a fabulous girl you are - love Granny

  6. She has done a brilliant job! I can imagine how wonderful it must have been to see her working so well, my oldest is desperate to use the machine, he has (at the moment) no thought that it might be a bit of a 'girly' thing to do and that really makes me happy. Lovely final bag as well. Good job Miss PR. Bethx (the linen cat)

  7. What a beautiful post. My little girl is 3 and obviously not old enough for a sewing machine yet- I can't wait until she's big enough to have a go with the machine. What age did Miss Patchy Rose first get onto your machine? General opinion seems to be around 6 if they're mature enough. And I see you've been shopping at the Bramblepatch- it's about an hour away from me, and I've not been yet, is it a good shop with a nice range of modern fabrics?? Ange x