Monday, 28 May 2012

Flea market fancy!

If you've been following the blog, you may remember this bundle of eleven fat quarters from the gorgeous Flea Market Fancy range of fabric, which arrived in the post back in April. 

Despite taking it out to look at a number of times, I have tried to finish off a number of other items before making a start. I do, however, have a very definite plan for this fabric, no random cutting and stitching this time! Over the weekend, it became this...

and some of the squares have already been laid out like this...

There is nothing further to show for the moment, but I will say that the photo above doesn't tell the whole story... Unlike many of my recent quilts, this won't be made entirely of squares, there really is a design still to come!


  1. El colorido de las telas es muy bonito. Habrá que esperar a ver que has planeado en cuanto al diseño del top.

  2. Love the fabrics - looking forward to seeing the full design. Hope you have a lovely week. X

  3. Looks WONDERFUL already - will it be around to see in July? XX

  4. Fran, this is looking so great! Keep it up!