Saturday, 5 May 2012

Birthday bags

This Monday is a holiday in England, and Miss PatchyRose is going to no less than three birthday parties for 8 year old girls over the weekend! That's a lot of presents, or, in my case, a lot of sewing... I'd been meaning to have a go at making Jeni's drawstring bag for ages, and this was a great time to start.

As a first attempt, I followed the pattern exactly, and came up with this:

Miss PatchyRose is delighted with it, and took it shopping this morning, even though I suppose I intended it more as a bag to hang in the bedroom or bathroom. The pattern was very straightforward, the only mistake I made was in joining fabrics to make the ties, as the strain placed on them by pulling to close the bag affected the join. So, this was one to keep!

Fortunately the design is rather addictive, and it didn't take much to whip up the next one...

You can probably tell that the dimensions are different. I was using some substantial scraps, and didn't see the point of trimming an inch or two off, and just went for a bigger bag instead. The other thing I tweaked here, which is just about visible, was to have a slight turnover at the top, so the outer fabric shows a little on the inside, and avoids having a seam directly at the top of the bag. 

Sunday and Monday's birthday girls received similar bags two years' ago, so I went for fairly similar again...

 Hopefully each bag will be enjoyed, and soon filled with the usual 8 year old hairbands and so on!


  1. These are lovely Fran and I'm sure they will be appreciated by all the girls. 3 parties in one weekend, wow! Hope she has a wonderful at them all. Karen x

  2. I love love love your supercute bags and must make some too, love that pattern. Thank you for the comment on my ACM post - did you know you were a no reply comment blogger which means people can't reply to your comments? Just to let you know!

  3. Hola Fran, que bonitas tus bolsas, que colorido más alegre y que lindas te han quedado.

  4. These are lovely and such a great idea as gifts for girls, my oldest has had quite a few party invites this year and I've given a few bunny purses (I actually rarely give my own work, not quite sure why) but I am in need of new ideas so this is great. I love your fabric choices. Have a good bank holiday. Bethx (the linen cat)

  5. Unas bolsas preciosas. Me encantan.



  6. I think handmade gifts are so much nicer than bought ones!!