Monday, 16 April 2012

Trip around the world

Yesterday I finally cut into one of the fabric sets I bought in America last Easter. It wasn't sold as a set, but I bought the six fabrics at the same time, with the intention of using them in a single project. I tend to make it up as I go along, and cut them all out into squares, and then started playing around with different designs. I'd love to say this was intentional, but after a couple of hours of not really liking where it was going, I managed to come up with this...

It was complete coincidence that I had the just the number of squares needed for this Trip Around the World quilt, as I have no fabric leftover beyond two squares in each design, and only one in the pink spots! It's all laid out ready, and I can't wait to start sewing.

Over the weekend I also quilted and bound the 9 patch, and am so pleased to have finished it. This weekend I will have some quilts on show at our church, as part of a community day, and wanted it ready to show potential beginners :-)

The backing is another supermarket find, a lovely bright pink, cheap and cheerful!


  1. Será sin intención, pero el resultado es precioso, queda fantástica. Y la ninepatch me encanta.
    No consigo ampliar bien la foto, porque tienes puesto el fondo en negro, se ve mejor cuando lo quitas.
    Aún así es preciosa, me encanta.
    Espero que la exhibición en la parroquia sea todo un éxito.

  2. Hi Fran, Round the World is one of my favourite patterns and I love the fabric you've chosen. Read your comments on my blog (thanks)about having the same book, what a coincidence - it was the cover picture that drew me to it. Enjoy the community day at the weekend - your quilts will be much admired. Karen x

  3. Fran, entra el tu blog en "Diseño", ve a la pestaña de "Formato" y dentro de formato baja hasta que veas "Mostrar imágenes en el lighbox", pon "no", guarda los cambios y debería de quitarse el fondo negro.
    Creo que es así.
    Espero que funcione.

  4. Your choice of fabrics are great - what a cheerful quilt!

    And as for your fabric just working out perfectly - brilliant! - it was meant to be. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! Well done.

    Happy stitching
    Fleur xx