Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Recent acquisitions...

Often I see nice craft items for sale, but feel I could make it myself at home. It takes something really special to persuade me to splash out and treat myself. When Beth blogged that she was putting some things on special offer, I was quick off the mark! Her linen cats are so serene and beautiful, and the possibility of them no longer being available meant I just had to get one now ;-) 

Not only did I receive this lovely cat in her pretty blue dress, Beth incredibly sweetly included a little extra for us...

She had no idea that Miss PatchyRose had been eying them up in her online shop! Looks like it will be boiled eggs for tea every night this week... So cute how those ears match the cat's dress!

It has been a good week for parcels here, with an Amazon delivery too. I rarely buy patchwork books, as I have more than enough projects waiting to be finished. However, both these books looked interesting, and I caved in. 

 I only managed a brief flick through them last night, but I wasn't disappointed. There are plenty of great ideas in them, with lots of versatility. Unfortunately it may be some time before I get round to them, but they are lovely books to look at too.

Sometimes it's nice to whip up an easy quilt quickly, but I'm looking forward to making the sampler quilt slowly and more thoughtfully.


  1. Hi Fran, the linen cat is so sweet, no wonder you couldn't resist her - and the little egg cup cover is wonderful. Love the look of your new books, always nice to have lots of ideas for future projects. Sent you an email.
    Karen x

  2. Me gustan, el gatito y el ratón, son amorosos.
    El libro una buena adquisición.
    Yo ya estoy enganchada a él, llevo 35 bloques, pero voy despacito.
    Feliz domingo.

  3. Hi Fran, thanks so much for the mention, really glad you like the linen cat and egg cosy. Nice to see them in their new home, it makes me very happy :-) Enjoy your new books! Bethx