Friday, 27 April 2012


When non-quilty friends ask why I blog, I always talk about the community of bloggers, and use the analogy that it's like sitting down for a cup of tea (and cake) with people who share your interests. 
Our church community day last weekend was an amazing and exhausting day of enjoying the best of being part of a community, loads of fun, laughter, cake, bouncy bungee run, music and comedy. Miss PatchyRose even played the grand piano in a small concert, and sang with her school choir. 
On the patchwork side, another lady (who I hadn't met previously) and I had a casual conversation a couple of weeks before the event. We each agreed to bring some quilts to hang, with an option of having a sewing machine in case anyone wanted to have a go... It was really fun setting it all up, and I learnt new tricks about hanging quilts. We had a lovely area, a large balcony looking into the entry hall, perfect for hanging quilts over the edge so they could be seen from below. It also meant we could see what else was going on, and hear the different bands that played throughout the day. Unfortunately I only managed one single photo, on my phone, of a table we set up:

I envisaged a time of calmly chatting to people about how peaceful patchwork is. Miss PatchyRose had tipped my scrap box out, and colour sorted them, and I started to make a scrappy log cabin for fun.
And then we were besieged by some fantastic young girls all desperate to have a go!! Suddenly our peaceful corner became a hive of activity, non-stop for about 3 or 4 hours. Their enthusiasm was so infectious, each girl was determined to go away with a finished product, or a sizable piece of patchwork. On the spur of the moment, we ended up making about eight small cushion covers, and even one bag. Miss PatchyRose is very proud of her handiwork -

Her cushion looks perfect on her own rocking chair. She's done bits and pieces of sewing with me, but this time reached a new level of appreciation for it. 

Such a great day, and judging from the response, a potential patchworking group in the making ;-)


  1. Por lo que dice el traductor... creo que fue todo un éxito y que tendréis adeptas al tema del pach.
    Enhorabuena por ese estupendo día, compartiendo de todo lo bueno.

  2. I love your analogy for blogging, it's pretty much how I try to describe it as well (although I find non-bloggers generally find the whole idea a bit nuts). Sounds like your patchwork corner at the church community day was a complete success, how nice to introduce so many keen potential sewers into the world of patchwork, it must have felt good. I spotted miss mouse there as well, as I noted on my last comment, it's always lovely to see things I've made in their new homes, makes me smile. Bethx