Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bits and pieces

In a moment of craziness a few months' ago, I agreed to go on Brownie Pack Holiday as a Guide leader, knowing that it was straight after my trip to Spain... So, I have spent the last two weeks split between two trips, sharing a room with other adult leaders and being responsible for various small people. Truly exhausting, but very rewarding with lots of good moments to compensate for the lack of sleep. 

It has been so lovely in the last few days to finally stop, relax, and have some time and space for myself. I've managed to work on three different projects, and feel so much better for the calm reflection.

The first task was to finish off Primitiva Pumpkin, which just needed quilting and binding. I was inspired by another blog to look into using new bedsheets as quilt backing, which was a great move as they are so much cheaper than fabric.

I found the perfect purple sheet in a supermarket at a very good price, and there was plenty for both the backing and the binding.

The sheet fabric was so easy to work with, and has made it into a very soft and cosy quilt, perfect as a sofa throw.

As well as that, I have resurrected my pile of 9 patches, prompted by the lovely girl wanting to join in and me giving her them to spread out and keep her busy! The result was that I decided to make just 7 more, and then create a smaller quilt than I had originally intended. 

After laying them out last night, I whizzed off to the supermarket in search of another backing sheet. The one I picked out is a pale grey, but when I got home I decided it wasn't quite right. However, it will be perfect to go with my next project, using my Flea Market Fancy fabrics. After a bit of deliberation, I decided to be frugal and use up the remainder of the purple sheet. I think there will be just the right amount.

The purple strips here are just placed in position, ready for chain sewing the columns. I like how this is shaping up, partly because it reminds me of how patchwork used to be, a way of using up scraps. It would be great to get this finished off this week...


  1. Fran, creo que encontraste la trasera perfecta, genial de colorido y genial de precio (eso me ha parecido entender, al utilizar el traductor), las sábanas son estupendas en textura y en tamaño.
    Y los restos de tela morada, para unir el nine pacht mejor que mejor.
    Ya descansada de tus viajes, ahora con fuerzas renovadas, toca coser.
    Saludos cariñosos.

  2. Hi Fran, what a great idea about the sheeting from the supermarket - I've been hunting round charity shops, but most of the them are thin poly-cotton. The quilt looks great and the nine-patches are so summery - I love sashing.
    Take care, Karen x