Monday, 9 April 2012

9 patch quilt top

We've had such a peaceful few days! It's been a great Easter break for all of us. Mr PatchyRose has been gardening and completely renovating the guest ensuite, and Miss PatchyRose has been happy to potter about, which is quite unusual. As a result I have been free to sew to my heart's content, which has been so calming. Productivity has greatly increased, and I managed to finish the top for the 9 Patch Quilt.

Having started this quilt with great enthusiasm, I then ended up with a pile of 9 patches which sat in a  box for months... This weekend I have made the remaining few, and added all the sashing. I managed to cut the sashing from the remains of the sheet used in my Primitiva quilt, and have also cut enough for the binding. I thought I wasn't going to like this quilt that much, but now I love it. It was a great way to use up scraps, and I like spotting fabrics from different previous projects. Just need to get on and quilt it now...


  1. Fran, me gusta, me gusta muchísimo como te ha quedado. Satisfacción total, por el aprovechamiento de los nine patch y de los sobrantes de la sábana.
    Ahora viene lo bueno.... a acolchar...

  2. I love the sashing, it sets off the blocks really well.

  3. wow! that's beautiful fran x