Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday sewing

The four chosen Primitiva fabrics have been chopped up into neat piles along with the plain pumpkin. 

 It was very quick and easy to sew together, chain piecing them into columns and then stitching rows together. I'm so pleased with the way the different fabrics work. 

 These wouldn't be my chosen colours, but this is intended as a small sofa throw for a close friend's 40th birthday. She has a very specific colour scheme in her living room, with lovely white leather sofas and a couple of orange floral scatter cushions.As I need to lay the squares out first on my sewing table, I'm making the quilt top in three parts. The first section is now complete:

With the second section laid out ready, this gives a better idea of how the whole thing will look...

There will still be half as much again to add on the bottom, so it won't be too small. My dilemma is that, at this size, I can buy wadding and backing fabric to fit perfectly, whereas if I go any bigger, which is tempting, I will need to piece the backing. I suspect that, in the end, time will be the deciding factor, as I have only about a month to get this finished, and a couple of trips away in between...


  1. Fran, muy bonita la combinación de tonos naranjas. Creo que te quedará un quilt muy lindo y serán muy afortunados los receptores.

  2. Hey my 40th is also next month! :)