Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sewing space

In our last house, an old, Victorian place, I just had a sofa to sew on. A very nice sofa, just not enough! When we moved three years ago, I took a spare bedroom as my sewing room. It was a good, big space, but it was also the second guest bedroom if we needed one. The lovely girl for various reasons ended up with the smallest room, which was fine then but not any more! So, we've swapped... She now has a beautiful bedroom with a lot more room to entertain her friends, and I have a smaller sewing room, but actually I really don't mind. It's rather nice that I can have my original sewing sofa in there.
Welcome to my space...

It's currently very white and pure, with scope for a few fabric wall hangings at some point. Right now the only thing on the walls is this cute tapestry of our two cats:

The cupboard is full of fabric and sewing paraphernalia...

And the sofa fits perfectly into the alcove!!

I have a great sewing table, with deep drawers on either side...

...which tidies away neatly at the end of a project!

Leaving just enough space for some treasured pieces. My antique sewing box from my granny, a bonnet shaped pin cushion made by granny, and a beautiful matching pin cushion and needle case from MIL.

Thank you for taking a look around! It was brought to my attention earlier that it was way too difficult to leave a comment on the blog. Sorry! I hadn't realised what the settings were, and have hopefully now changed it. Please do say hello if you've dropped by...


  1. What a tidy space - love it!!!

  2. Hola Fran, esa caja de costura es preciosa. Tu lugar de trabajo, bonito, espacio, tan colocado... así dá gusto. Tu sofá se ve muy cómodo y supongo que darás muchas puntadas en él.
    Gracias por compartir tu espacio.
    Y gracias por quitar la verificación de palabra.
    Buenas noches.

  3. How lovely to have a sewing room all of your own ... I am jealous!

    Fleur xx