Friday, 2 March 2012

9 Patch Progress...

Last year I was very taken with the lovely 9 patch quilts that were popping up all over blogland, started, I think, by one crazy mom... They are a great way to use up small leftover squares, and a good way of mixing and matching virtually any fabrics. That's especially good for me, as my tendency is to over-coordinate fabrics, and they can end up merging too much and losing any sense of contrast.

So, I got going on my own pile of 9 patches, entirely from scraps.

It grew very quickly to a pile of 35.

And then stopped. I've lost my initial sketch, but I think I planned to make twice this many! Now I'm wondering whether to settle on a mini quilt which has seven rows of five 9 patches.
I'd like to suggest this is an array of colour, but even at my wildest my colour palette won't stretch beyond certain tones ;-)

Part of my dilemma now is that, once again, blogland is too quick for me. Everyone else whipped up their 9 patch quilt last year, and now they're on to curved 9 patches, with fancy curvy rulers! 
My intention was to make this for the guest bed, and use either white or dark grey sashing in between each 9 patch. Hopefully giving it an airing tonight will inspire me to persevere...

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