Tuesday, 17 January 2012

When life imitates art...

...otherwise known as The Progression of Insanity.

Over at Very Berry Handmade they are holding a fabulous competition with some great prizes. What I love about it is their idea, where you are asked to blog about your sewing resolutions for 2012.

Insanity is a quilt I began at least three years ago, when I adapted a beautiful design I'd seen online. My version will contain a mere 1333 hexagons when it's finished. And yes, the 333 bit of that number is completely accidental! Current progress is slow, but bearing up to close inspection.

There have been some disappointments along the way. I made all the flowers and patterned pieces first, then bought several metres of the plain cream coloured fabric. Unfortunately it seems rather thin, but I'm so hoping that once the batting and backing are there, it will work out alright.

Currently life feels like a crazy fairground ride. Not so much a roller coaster, perhaps more of a dodgem car. The last six months have brought various changes, but also lots of new and welcome opportunities. However, I will be glad when things settle down, and the Insanity can be in art and not in life.

Here's the state of play in January 2012...

and a nice sideways-on view too as it's hard to get decent photos of something so large...

The completed size will be approximately 90 by 97 inches, so a good big quilt. It would be absolutely fantastic to get this finished this year...


  1. Hi Fran,
    The quilt looks fabulous already, you have such patience. It will be a real winner when it's completed - keep us posted on progress!

  2. Looking good! I do hope you finish it when time allows.

  3. Gorgeous, not sure I have the patience for a hand sewn quilt this big!