Monday, 26 December 2011

It's a Hoot!

When we travelled to America at Easter, I was armed with a list of fabrics I'd spotted online and hoped to purchase. High on the list was the It's a Hoot! line by Moda. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find much, but did come home with half a yard of the owls in pink. Then, over the summer, we were in Norfolk for a weekend and I called into one of my favourite patchwork shops in the UK, where I was delighted to find a charm pack of the whole range. It took a while to decide how to combine the fabrics, and in the end I couldn't bear to chop up the charm squares! Initially I tried several ways of laying them out in a random fashion, and mixing up the different colours. I wish I'd taken photos for you to see how badly that didn't work! When I finally spread them out in colour order, I was really happy with the effect it created.

Once the layout was decided, I went for simple sashing in blue all around them, creating a sofa throw.

The larger piece was saved to use as the backing...

I'm really pleased with the final product. It has gone away now as it was a Christmas present for some owl lovers and will hopefully keep them warm.


  1. I mis-read the last sentence as 'a Christmas present for some old lovers' - sorry to lower the tone. Very stylish quilt.