Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy Advent!

It all began with seeing something in a magazine and thinking I could make that easily myself...

And so our gingerbread man advent calendar came into being!

Fortunately the lovely girl is a true mini-me, and prefers to know what is happening rather than have surprises. Therefore, just like last year, each pocket contains a mini Lindor Chocolate and a small bauble which goes straight onto her little pink tree!


  1. Oh thank rocks! I am so in love with your giant gingerbread man advent calendar, it's perfect. Beth/The Linen Catx

  2. Beautiful. I like the idea of a chocolate and a bauble. Some people do 24 different mini presents, which must present a challenge, year after year. (I know that, because some of them come into the toy shop in November in desperate need of inspiration!)