Monday, 21 November 2011

Rocking chair

Last year my lovely girl wrote to Father Christmas nice and early (September... LOL). Thanks to an act of cunning on the part of her godmother, who she asked to take her to the post box, we were later able to check on what she had requested! Thankfully she does not ask for much, but she does it in style: it was a beautiful, artistic letter, with pictures all around it, asking for a rocking chair...Father Christmas is pretty shrewd, and it seems he knew mummy would enjoy this project more than any of his elves. So, he acquired a rocking chair in plenty of time (maybe even Father Christmas uses ebay?) and left it in the garage with a note for mummy to sort it out.

The quilt is made out of the amazing Far, far away II range of fabric, which I ordered online from America. It's quite heavy fabric, and with the beautiful images it works well in simple designs.

Fortunately the seat was very easy to cover, as it lifts straight out of the base. I used the same fabric to back the quilt, and then to re-cover a stool which is a great match, and had come out of my grandmother's cellar when we cleared her house.

To quilt this, I used the traditional method of hand tying. I rarely, if ever, see this method on blogs now, but I love the effect it creates, especially on a thicker, heavier quilt.

The beautiful linen mouse came from here and was another Christmas present. Beth's linen animals are amazing, and I totally recommend them if you are still looking for this year's presents. Her packaging in itself is an art form! Have a look at her wonderful foxes.

Finally, cat and mouse...


  1. Thanks for such a lovely mention, really glad you like Ms Mouse. The rocking chair looks great, funny it's something I really wanted as a child. I LOVE the quilt, I am quite late to the party for the FFA fabrics, I think maybe because I have boys and they are mostly girl colours but I've just had some from the 3rd collection delivered and they are such great designs.

    It all looks fabulous together! Beth/the linen cat

  2. What a beautiful present to ask for. The quilt is lovely and looks perfect on the chair. I love the
    little mouse, I wish I had someone to buy one for.