Friday, 4 November 2011

Liberty quilt

When I was a child my maternal grandmother was very inspirational, always sewing, knitting, making something. She patiently taught me enough to get my Brownie knitting badge (!) and carried on with cross-stitch until she died. She even learnt to make lace with a set of bobbins over a lace cushion. I would love to have her lace bobbins, but I do have her sewing machine which she passed on to me when I graduated from university. It was about that time that I wandered into Liberty's in York and bought six metres, one metre of each design, of this beautiful fabric. I can still remember that it cost around £50, which was a huge amount for a student to spend on fabric seventeen years ago...
Rashly, I set out to make a Bethlehem Star quilt, with no knowledge of what was involved! I'd sewn a few hexagons together, but that was all. I ploughed on and made 6 large stars, but sadly they didn't join well in the middle and have never progressed into a quilt.
Fortunately there was still plenty of fabric left, and about 4 years ago a friend and I signed up for a beginners' course at the Bramble Patch. The result was this quilt, which I am still so pleased with. I had it professionally quilted, and it has been through the wash several times now.


  1. I think this is my favourite of all the ones I've seen on your blog so far (I'm working through it backwards).

  2. Yes, I love it too. I put so much time and thought into this one.