Sunday, 6 November 2011


Three years ago, right after finishing Liberty, I saw this quilt featured on another blog. (The magazine article came from Australian Patchwork and Quilting, volume 16 number 6, February 2008.) I totally fell in love with the design and, as the only previous patchwork I'd done involved sewing hexagons together, I innocently felt ready to tackle this next!! 

The clue is in the name of the quilt pattern - Insanity, and it really is... The one in the magazine article I think featured 10,000 hexagons. However, I managed to create a more modest design and, when finished, mine will have just 1333 hexagons, each one prepared and then sewn together by hand.

Over three years later, and having made roughly twenty other quilts in the meantime LOL, Insanity is not doing too badly. I've moved on from the final photo, and two sides are now complete. What I hadn't anticipated was how heavy it would become, I found that stitches were coming undone through the sheer weight of fabric. Subsequently I've taken out some of the backing papers, especially as I've reused them several times over. Would I have started this project if I'd known how insane it was? Honestly I'm not sure that I would have done, but at that stage I didn't realise just how much patchwork could be done by machine. Once it's finished it will have to be quilted professionally as I want to make sure it is stippled over every single hexagon, I'm not taking any chances of it falling apart in my lifetime!

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  1. Goodness me! You are indeed insane ;o) But it will be lovely!!