Monday, 7 November 2011

Fabricky friends!

About the time I finished my first quilt, two people kindly passed on their own fabric supplies. In both cases they'd bought pre-cut patchwork pieces, and eventually decided they were unlikely to use them. My good friend, Melanie, gave me enough fabric to make an entire quilt for my daughter, largely using pre-cut squares which sewed together very quickly. As a thank you, I made her this mini version of Insanity, which she enjoys using as a sofa throw, especially as I used her childhood curtains as the backing. All the fabrics in it had come via her mum I think, so it is a sentimental quilt.

When I was a child, I can remember Laura Ashley selling pre-cut packs of patchwork pieces. It seems that both Melanie's mum and my mother-in-law must have had the same idea, as coincidentally they both purchased packs of hexagons from the same fabric range. Between the two sets, I have ended up with enough to make a whole quilt one day. I've got as far as arranging the design, but it will be some time post-Insanity before I start sewing them together. Unfortunately they are not quite accurate enough to use the machine, so that will be another hand-sewing task...

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